our commitment

We are eMind Science

eMind Science is bridging the gap between neuroscience and data science to transform the standard of care in mental health

Our Mission

eMind Science was founded on a single vision

to help those struggling with their mental health. We are committed to measure mental health accurately and precisely, so individuals and organizations can optimize effective treatment strategies towards wellness.

Our proprietary platform eMindLog® combines advanced neuroscience with novel technologies to change the way we address mental health and provide holistic information to drive horizons.

Philip Ninan, MD

eMindScience Founder

our approach

Through data-driven insights based in clinical research

we're enabling the accurate and quantitative self-assessment of how key mental health markers such as depression, stress, and anxiety change over time, providing real-time data outcomes to inform new diagnoses and treatment pathways for early intervention.

AS A TEAm, we are dedicated to making mental healthcare accessible

We are building new informatic solutions to address the unmet needs of clinicians, researchers, innovators, businesses, and everyday people.

Welcome to the forefront of digital mental healthcare

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