Monitor your patients’ mental wellbeing


Empowering healthcare providers

When you begin using eMindLog Pro you can provide your patients with access to a self-measurement tool, backed by neuroscience, that tracks the vital signs of the mind. You’ll get information about your patients’ mental wellbeing beyond the office visit,  helping you better manage their care.

Enrich patient relationship

By prescribing eMindLog your patient provides you information about the flow of their anxiety and depression, informing your diagnosis and treatment. Face-to-face time is spent less in gathering information, and more in direct interactions and decision-making.

Access patient reporting data

Get reports on your patients’ anxiety, anger, sadness, lack of pleasure and indicators for general anxiety disorder, major depression and more.

Meets Affordable Care Act requirements

eMindLog Pro satisfies reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act for mental health.

Patient Self-Measurement Reporting
for Healthcare Providers


Diagnosing and treating depression and anxiety in the primary care setting has always been difficult, mainly because of time limitations in the office and lack of data over time. This health app gives us actionable data over whatever time we choose, in a way that makes for more accurate and quicker diagnosis.  It also allows for better ways to see if our treatments are successful with a glance of the graphic data.

– Fredrick Teixeira, M.D., an internal medicine physician at Vidant Health in NC


Grounded in Science

eMindLog is based on knowledge in the neurosciences and expertise in psychology. The two are uniquely merged in eMindLog applications, giving healthcare providers actionable data for better patient care.


How does it work?

Healthcare providers
You can invite patients to join eMindLog or get your own custom web portal allowing patients to create an eMindLog account connected to their doctor or therapist.



Import patient contact records
Import patient contacts or enter them in your administrator portal. You can choose which patients to invite. They will receive a custom link via email to create their connected eMindLog account.

Patients can share data
Patients can look up their doctor or therapist to share their data. They can connect their account with their provider, export their data or invite the provider to join the eMindLog Network.


Patients can sign up on provider’s website
Providers can set up their own custom, branded eMindLog sign-up page. Patients can then simply go to the provider’s web site and sign up themselves.

Want to learn more?

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